Dominant Mistress humiliating a sissy in pink underwear in a humiliation session.When most people think of humiliation, they think big. Sissies in pink frills, writing humiliating words on skin, small penis humiliation. Things like that. I’ve been known to do some of these things in my time. However, I also enjoy being subtle.

I’d like to share an example.

I run a service where I offer text domination. It allows those who do not live close to me to experience serving me in exchange for a tribute. For the duration of the time arranged I might contact you at any time with instructions. Imagine the thrill of not knowing when your phone will buzz or beep with a message from me. The anticipation when you see my name and open it to read my wishes. Knowing that I can see when you opened the message. That, as soon as the message is opened, a countdown will have begun to achieve your task. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Buzz. Mistress calling.

One particular submissive was also one who attended sessions in person. He asked me for humiliation. So, my order for him was to wear PVC underwear.

How did this humiliate him? Well, the thing about PVC is that it makes noises. It creaks and squeaks so sexily as you move. Silk or satin panties are silent, a secret known only to you and your Mistress, but PVC might be heard by others. They may not know what is making the noise, they might not know it is you making it, but they will hear it. Every time he moved the panties made a noise. He could hear it; he didn’t know if others could hear it too.

Can you imagine that? At work, while on a bus, while walking. Little squeaks from your naughty secret panties, each one possibly revealing your secret. Each one a little humiliation, a subtle reminder of your Mistress and your service to her.

Of course, there are other benefits. PVC is a sensual fetish material. Shiny and smooth under your normal clothes. Maybe you will put your hands down there, just to feel it on your fingers? Do I need to punish you for that? Will you confess your guilt when you are summoned to kneel at my feet in your PVC panties? Maybe your punishment might be more extreme humiliations…

Why not go to my contact page and see what humiliations I come up with for you?