Mistress Sakura in Lingerie judges you

Are you worthy of release?

Do you want to be completely under my control? Know that I hold your fate in my hands, that I could contact you at any point to set you a task or make a demand from you? To feel the tight embrace of a chastity cage wrapped around your cock, restricting you as I tease from afar? Interacting with me on Skype with the pressure building, knowing you cannot even beg me for release? Do you want to be my chastity bitch?

If so, you might want to scroll down to the bottom of my booking page and consider my chastity plan. Here you agree to give over all control of your orgasms to me, your Mistress. For this privilege you will pay a monthly tribute.

When you first sign up, you will be invited to attend on me at my chambers. You will bring your chastity device with you. If you do not have a device, you need to acquire one before you attend on me. Try the Holy Trainer if you want a good one. Before you buy, it is up to you to ensure your device fits you and that you can wear it comfortably for the duration. Many sites that sell chastity devices will advise on this if you ask. I will not be pleased if you are begging to be released just because of a poorly fitted device. I want you begging for release because the sight of me sends you insane with desire.

When you attend upon me, I will greet you as you kneel at my feet. You will pledge to me as the goddess that I am and I will fit your device and take your keys. There will be no release from that point for at least a month. You can beg and plead all you wish, you will be denied. You are now my chastity bitch.

For an extra cost, Throughout your month under my control, I might text you at any point. I might decide to tease you with photos, I might set you a task to perform. Whatever I ask of you, you need to do to the best of your ability to please your keyholder. At least if you want to see your keys again. You will come to understand that I hold your ability to orgasm hostage and all you can do is comply with my every whim. Will your caged cock quiver when your phone makes a sound? Will it swell when you see the message is from me? I hope so. We are going to have so much fun together. Well, I am. You don’t get a say. You can also pay to attend on me online, via video calling.

I am not an ungenerous keyholder.So long as you are capable of showing all due respect to your Mistress, you will not find me too cruel. You do know how to show respect, don’t know? Obedience is key and the key I hold for you is very important to you, isn’t it? Well then, you had better remind me of how good you can be so I don’t decide to push that key into the lock and then break it off. Making it permanent.

At the end of the month, you will be summoned to my chambers again. Here you will kneel before me and I will judge you. Your chastity will be removed but your behaviour over the month will determine if you are allowed a true release.

Of course, this is an ongoing contract. So, when I am done deciding your fate, you will be locked up and sent on your way again, ready to serve another month as my chastity sub. How many months do you think you will be able to survive it?

Why not book and find out?