Mistress Sakura Strike in black nylons and heels, demonstrating the importance of wearing nylons in BDSM.

Nylons and Heels

As a luxurious dominant, I do like to explore the classics. Black lingerie, sheer nylon, lace frills. Pin up classics with a dominant twist. It is soft, sensual but powerful.

Several of my regulars love to see me in nylon and I adore being worshiped while I wear them. When you first see me in a session, I might be wearing them under a tight-fitting dress, accompanied by heeled boots or shoes. Or I might have layers of nylon for you, a nylon body stocking over t-shaped crotch pantyhose. Each layer a new discovery. You will get to experience the sensations of this nylon during the session, the soft feel of it, the scent of it on my smooth skin. All the sensuous sensations.

Of course, I am a fair Mistress who does not limit the wearing of such luxury to herself. You too may wear nylon for me. I would love to see your legs encased in black stockings or your chaste little penis covered in lace or nylon. You’d wear that to please your Mistress, wouldn’t you? Kneel there in your lingerie, your legs sheathed in smooth, sheer material, your little face blushing as you worship me?

For special submissives there is a task you may get to perform for me. As you kneel there at my feet, your hands bound behind you, I might ask you to remove my stockings. Unhook them from the suspenders and pull them down my leg. You’ll kneel there, waiting for me to release your hands so you can do this. That is when I will explain how you are to do it. You must use your teeth and tongue to unclip them. Carefully, of course. You don’t want to damage the stockings. Any laddering I spot will be dealt with most severely. Oh, and make sure you are very careful not to touch my skin. That will also lead to punishment. I will leave it up to your imagination what your fate will be.

If you want to see me in nylons or wear nylons in my presence, you only need to call to book.