Mistress Sakura watches you as you wait for Mistress near a cage while holding a cane, She is wearing thigh high boots and long black glovesWhen you come to a session with me, I feel it is very important to set the scene perfectly. You are there for an experience and there are certain expectations that need to be in place.

However, there are also questions of logistics and safety to consider. These are also very important. Everyone involved needs to feel safe and know that everything is consensual. This means there often needs to be a period of ‘out of role’ chat before a session. A brief time where we can talk and discuss requirements and negotiate our limits and requirements. This is certainly necessary for newcomers, even experienced submissives who are new to my service. This chat allows me to get to know you better, beyond the sometimes brief communications by email or phone call we may have had. I can get a better feel for your experience level and what you might like to try.

When this brief chat is over, though, we need to get into the right mood for our session. There are a number of ways I might achieve this.

Perhaps you’ll be ordered to strip and kneel to wait while I leave the room to change. You might be shown a specific spot to wait, Maybe the centre of the room? You’ll be all exposed there, trembling as you wait. Maybe in front of a mirror? That way you can see yourself naked as I will see you when I come in. You might even be lucky to be able to see me in the mirror as I walk in the room behind you. I hope you remember to lower your eyes as soon as you see me? You cannot look at your Mistress unless given permission.  Or you might be told to kneel at the foot of my throne to wait. When I walk in I will sit on it and look down at you at my feet, not moving, not looking up, until I give you permission. How long will you wait for your Mistress? How long will I sit there looking at your before I speak?

However long you wait, as soon as I enter, as soon as you hear the door open and my heels click on the floor as I walk towards you, the session has begun and I am your Mistress and you are Mine to do with as I wish.

I might consider a more elaborate wait for you. Depending on my mood. I have cages I can push your naked body into. Hoods to put over your head. Gags to stuff into your mouth so you cannot make a sound. You might wait in complete darkness, only able to grunt into your gag, unable to hear my approach until the lock on the cage clicks open. Already at my mercy then, you will do whatever I say to please me.

Waiting for Mistress can have many benefits.

To find out how I will make you wait for Mistress, why not book a session.