Domme Sakura Strike looking gloriously dominant in a black and white photo with PVC clothing and thigh high bootsIt’s just over half way through the month of October and this month is a very special one for me, for three reasons. Halloween, Locktober and a very special day for me.

First of all, it is spooky season with Halloween at the end of it. I love horror movies and horror in general and also dressing up in costumes.So this is a great time for all of that. Halloween parties, watching scary movies, maybe even doing some Halloween themed sessions. I feel this is my natural time of the year.

Secondly, as a Dominant, I am of course aware that it is Locktober this month. The time when all good little boys and girls should be locked up in their chastity and quietly suffering in frustration for their Mistress. If you are reading this, I hope you are securely locked up and straining against the bounds of your cage? If not, maybe you need to contact me to confess your sins and be punished for not pleasing Mistress? Book a session to kneel at my feet while I decide your fate. Depending on how many days of Locktober you have missed, you might be put in chastity for NOvember. You may not even get released until Christmas.Christmas next year, of course. It all depends on how evil I am feeling and how well you beg for mercy.

Finally, October is my birthday month. Of course. all of my loyal submissives will want to treat me in my birthday month. You can do so in a number of ways. First, I will accept vouchers from Pandora Deluxe, House of Harlot, Honour, Amazon, Pleaser, Killstar, Dolls kill, Malice Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers and Selfridges. You can deliver a physical voucher in person when you book your session this month or you can email me a virtual voucher. All birthday gifts will be gratefully received. You can also send me a gift of money. Make sure you contact me first to ask how to do this. You can also offer to pay for my first class travel somewhere or take on one of my bills. Email me to ask how you can do this.

I hope you are all enjoying your Octobers and living a life that your Mistress will be proud of.