Domme Sakura Strike sits on some stairs in a tight catsuit on Halloween.In honour of Halloween today, here is a little piece of fiction called ‘Halloween Date Night’ by my slave, Rose.


“Are you sitting comfortably, my pet?” I smile at you as you wriggle, testing the bonds. I know there is little point in your struggles, you can only wriggle because I allow it. There is no escape. Of course, you can’t even see my smile. You can’t see anything.

Which is a shame because I am looking so good tonight. My costume is tight, black latex, fashionably styled as usual. My long, black hair adorned with a cute pair of cat ears. My thigh high boots ending in towering stilettos. My black gloves tipped with sharp metal, because this kitty has claws. I’ve come as a sexy black cat. You’ve come as a couch. Because Kitty needs something to lie on.

You’re a leather couch, of course, nothing but the best for me. Smooth, luxurious leather covering every inch of your body. Well, not quite every inch. There are a very small number of inches that are covered in bright chrome that protrude from the sea of shiny black. Because, my pet, I am afraid it is still Locktober and my pet’s small number of inches need to be locked up. You’re expecting a release at midnight, I expect. Probably waiting for it eagerly, thinking I promised it on the first of the month. Your mouth, with the thick leather gag stuffed into it, is probably salivating at the thought of a long awaited orgasm. How many hours is it  until midnight? You can’t tell in your heavy sensory deprivation.

Well, my love, let me tell you this. The time is whatever I tell you it is. Locktober ends when I say it ends. I wonder if you can last until Christmas? New Year? Next Locktober? Of course, if you last that long we may as well push on, maybe another year. Or two. We’ll have to see how things go. How entertaining you are for me. How much you squirm in your bonds when my claws dig into you.

But, before I can consider the end of your chastity, there is the matter of our date. It’s Halloween, we are both in costume, so it is horror movie night. We’re going to watch a whole marathon of scary movies.

Well, I’m going to watch. You’re going to provide me with something to sit on while I do so.

And a scratching post, of course…

So, let me just do some wriggling myself as I make myself comfortable on my shiny, leather couch. My luxurious cushion. My chaste little slave who serves all my needs. I hope you enjoy our Halloween date…


Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!