Domme Sakura Strike looking gloriously dominant in a black and white photo with PVC clothing and thigh high bootsSo, you have survived Locktober, passed through NOvember and think you are about to sail into December with all the orgasmic promise it brings. Surely your Mistress can’t make you last another month without your sweet release?

Oh my sweet little naive sub, I am not sure you are aware of how this works at all, are you?

It was never your sweet release, my darling. I’m not sure it was even yours when you gave it to me. Your balls have always been in thrall, always been mine to do with as I wish. To dispose of as I wish.

When I look at them I do find myself wondering if you’d even miss them. They’re so small, almost microscopic. Just a loose, flaccid pair, dangling between your legs. A pathetic, paltry, deflated punch bag with no weight nor heft to them. If you caught them in your zip you might not notice. Though I will say this for them, they make your penis look even smaller. Why do you even carry that sad collection of organs around with you? Would it not be better to be rid of them? A quick snip and they’re gone. No more balls, no more penis. Nice and quick and clean.

Oh, you think you might get a choice here? No, you don’t. You gave yourself to me, entirely to me. Next time I have you strapped down securely on my bondage bench, when I have your balls in my hand and am squeezing them tight, I might decide that now is the time. The time I will take what is rightfully mine. You will be gagged, of course, so your screams don’t disturb me too much while I work. I’ll try to make it as painless as possible. Well, as painless for me as possible anyway. But be careful you don’t struggle too much while I sew you up, you don’t want a jagged scar.

When it is done, when that pathetic bag of useless flesh is gone from your body, you will be better for it. A better submissive for your Mistress, better prepared to serve. Isn’t that the best possible present you can give to your Mistress at Christmas?

Would you dare to attend a session with me with your balls tied up with pink ribbon? Offering yourself to my whim? Wondering if I will chose to accept your generous gift or not…